Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa

With TOTM Migration, you’ll receive clear explanations upfront, ensuring you understand the requirements for achieving your goal of a granted subclass 801 visa.

The subclass 801 partner visa is the second stage of the Australia partner visa process when a subclass 820 visa application was lodged first.

This visa can normally be lodged two years after the stage 1 application is lodged and is a permanent visa once granted.

To meet the partner visa Australia requirements for the subclass 801 partner visa, a migrant that holds an 820 visa must continue to be in a genuine and continuing relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen – their Australian visa partner. Once granted, the visa applicant obtains Australian permanent residency.

To meet the requirements of this visa, you must evidence the development of your relationship since the grant of the subclass 820 visa and continue to be in a genuine and continuing relationship. 

TOTM Migration believes it is very important that the Australian partner visa cost for this process including the subclass 801 visa is explained from the start. Partner visas in Australia cost a lot, so it’s key to know ahead of time what will be required to reach the goal of a granted subclass 801 visa.

As part of the partner visa Australia requirements of the subclass 801 visa, you must further evidence of the same four pillars of your love story provided first in the subclass 820 visa application:

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