Subclass 309 Temporary Partner Visa

TOTM Migration has many years of experience with subclass 309 temporary partner visa as it is the starting point for so many people in a loving relationship with an Australian.

The subclass 309 partner visa is an offshore Australian partner visa application for couples who are in a de facto or married relationship.

This type of partner visa for Australia requires the applicant to be in a genuine and continuing relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen (their Australian visa partner). The visa application is made whilst outside of Australia.

This visa is the part of a two-stage application. The subclass 309 visa is a temporary visa and the first step towards gaining permanent residency for the non-Australian person. For most applicants a subclass 100 permanent partner visa follows a period of time successfully spent on this temporary visa if the relationship is maintained with their Australian visa partner.

Once you have this visa, you are able to travel to Australia with your Australian visa partner and live, work, and study. The Australian partner visa costs for a subclass 309 visa are updated annually, and as part of our consultation with you a comprehensive partner visa price that includes all partner visa fees will be explained.

Depending on the length of your relationship, you may be eligible to be assessed for both the stage 1 (the 309 application) and stage 2 (the 100 application) of the partner visa application up front and obtain Australian permanent residency quickly, shortening the Australian partner visa processing time.

As part of the partner visa Australia requirements of the subclass 309 visa, you must evidence the following four pillars as part of your love story:

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